2020 Aug 13

Popular Horror Game Granny Tops Charts Through Arcade-like Game Play

The likelihood of you encountering first person shooter horror games like House of the Dead if you were a regular in amusement arcades when you were younger is fairly high. Arcade games have already had its fair share in the midst of the spotlight and its golden age has ended but it will never truly disappear completely. Arcade-style horror games such as Granny have hung on to the admiration of arcade game lovers even though it is playable in a different platform.

Granny is the brain child of DVloper, a Swedish game developer whose real name is Dennis Vukanovic, and is also recognised for his other horror game Slendrina. DVloper mainly creates mobile horror games through the Unity development platform. Granny is essentially a spin-off of the popular Slendrina series. When Granny was released on November 24, 2017 for mobile devices, it shot to popularity due to the numerous Youtube like FGTeev and Random Encounters that featured the game on their channels. Eventually, https://sites.google.com/view/granny-pc became available on the online platform Steam for $4.99. In today’s pool of horror games, Granny has remained at the top.

Granny’s game fundamentals are essentially uncomplicated. Players have to accomplish a very important factor, to escape the house. Initially, players will awake in an unknown and creepy house. They have to escape the house, but to do so, they will need to get through numerous obstacles. Needlessly to say, the supreme impediment is the crazy old murderous woman known as Granny. To flee, the players would either have to get out through the locked front door or repair a disassembled car in the garage. However, it does not stop with that. Players will need to gather items in the house that will help them escape and they will also eventually encounter the Granny’s monstrous pets. The final test for any player is to be able to end the game as quietly as possible as Granny is highly vulnerable to any sounds.

On top of these things, players can also select from five other game modes. Practice mode is specially made for new players. Whereas Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme are all modes with varying levels of difficulty for you to play the game in the intensity that would be most enjoyable to you. Of course, you can attempt and complete all these game modes to see if you really are up for the challenge.

Granny’s graphics can probably not be likened comparable to today’s contemporary games. As a matter of fact, Granny is similar to that of an 80s blocky first person shooter game that is often found in amusement arcades. What it lacks in the graphics department, it balances through other considerations, specifically game play mechanics and its consistency as an incredible horror game that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

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